Fee Structure


1. Admission Fee Rs 25.00
2. Re-Admission Fee Rs 100.00
3. Tuition Fee
3(a) Class IX & X (Boys) Rs 200.00
3 (b) Class XI & XII Humanities (Boys) Rs 300.00
3(c) Class XI & XII Science (Boys) Rs 400.00
4 Computer Fund
4(a) Class III onwards whereever computer education is being imparted. Rs 100.00
4(b) Computer Science Fee. (for elective subjects) + 2 stage Rs 150.00
5 Vidyalaya Vikas Nidhi
5(a) Class I - XII Rs 500.00



Fee will be collected quarterly In Advance on or before 8th day of each quarter, viz April, July, October, January. 


Single Girl in a family who is studying from Class VI onwards will be exepted from payment of all fee (VVN, Tuition Fee etc.)

Exemption /Concession from paying Tuition Fee will be given to the following categories of students
i) SC/ST students
ii) Wards of KVS Staff
iii) Girls
iv) If more than one student is paying Tuition Fee, then the all will pay half the Tuition Fee except the eldest student. 
v) The Principal may grant half/full Tuition Fee concession to deserving cases.
vi) Late payment / Higher contribution - Rs 5.00 per day (Each for VVN and Tuition Fee)